Ella & Mitch From ‘MAFS’ Have Broken Up In The Most Savage Way

They say it's for real this time.

Watching a season of Married At First Sight is not unlike settling into a poorly made rollercoaster and setting off. There’s a manageable start, but then comes the intense plunges, the confronting truths that make your stomach drop, and then, the you’re thrown upwards and out—by the end, we’re extremely glad it’s over. 

But for the contestants, the journey is only just getting started. Season nine of the viral reality television show has proved to be one of its most scandalous seasons yet (at times, enough for us to cancel it altogether). Morals were thrown out the door and plenty of couples succumbed to leave the experiment. But several stayed—and two of them took us on the most confusing journey of all. 

Yes, we’re talking about Ella Ding and Mitch Eynaud, both of whom quickly hit it off at their nuptials where clear sparks instantly flew between them. 

“[The experts] definitely hit the nail on the head with things I asked for,” Ella gushed to the camera after her first meeting (and subsequent wedding) with her groom. 

But while the pair’s on-screen journey has had it’s share of ups and downs, their final vows were… confusing to say the least. 

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Are MAFS’ Ella and Mitch still together? 

In the final vow ceremony, Ella confessed to Mitch that despite their hurdles, she was ready to commit to him, but her groom had other ideas. 

“We have shared so many amazing moments together during this experiment. You excite me, you bring me out of my shell, and you constantly give me a new perspective on life and the things around me,” he hopefully began, before admitting that their road bumps had led them to both question whether he was ready for a relationship. 

“It’s difficult to see a bright future with you when it seems the longer that we spend with each other, the more difficult the relationship gets. The more I realise maybe I’m not the person you need,” he said, adding that he needs to, “go back to my life, to my family, to my friends, and it’s only then that I will be able to make a decision that could affect both of our lives.”

“What I can’t do and what I won’t do is stand here and be forced to make a decision that I’m not yet ready to make. I’m sorry Ella, but right now I just can’t give you the commitment I know you want. I know this is not what you want to hear but what I ask from you today is patience, but all I can be is honest and this is how I feel.”

Naturally, fans were left stunned over the shocking revelations, and it seemed that the pair were almost certainly over. As we’ve come to learn, Mitch and Ella are full of surprises, so when they walked into the reunion dinner party hand-in-hand, their co-stars were understandably stunned. 

Ella went on to reveal that once the experiment had ended, Mitch became a completely different person – one she could see herself building a solid future with. Let’s hope they can continue to make things work in the outside world. 

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Naturally, in true MAFS style, nothing ever stays calm for long, with Ella since revealing that the pair are well and truly over (for real this time). 

Rumours began to swirl that a relationship between Mitch and Tamara may be on the cards, with Ella revealing to Fitzy & Wippa that Mitch had actually ghosted her following the reunion episode. 

“I haven’t seen Mitchell since the reunion,” she said. 

“He definitely started to drop off though and fizzle out. And it was probably about two months ago. Articles hit the media and then he sort of just cut me off. I’m still just healing and getting over stuff with Mitchell and Tamara and just all the crap that’s been going on in the past few months, it still gets to me,” she added.

Our heads are honestly spilling from all these changes, but we hope Ella can find the peace and love she deserves. 

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