This Is What Margot Robbie’s Diet And Fitness Routine Looks Like

It's all about consistency.
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As one of Hollywood’s most versatile actresses, Margot Robbie is no stranger to gruelling workouts and diets. How else do you think she got her fitness in line for films like I, Tonya and Barbie?

Whether or not her role is set to be physically strenuous, the Queensland native subjects herself to a rigorous diet and exercise routine in order to maintain her healthy figure—and amp it up further for a role, if need be.

As well as avoiding most saturated fats and eating plenty of quality proteins and vegetables, Robbie knows how to kick her butt into gear for a role, including lifting weights, ab workouts, and plenty of cardio.

Scroll down for all of Robbie’s diet and exercise go-tos.

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What Is Margot Robbie’s Exercise Routine?

Throughout her impressive career, Robbie has undertaken plenty of physically intense roles.

However, for her Oscar-nominated turn in I,Tonya, Robbie underwent one of the most intense training regimes she’s ever done—and it definitely worked.

Aside from ice-skating (of course), Robbie told Australia’s Body & Soul that her regime involved plenty of time in the gym to build muscle, as well as “weights, mostly, and lots of sit-ups. It’s all the stuff you know you’re meant to do, but just can never be bothered to do.”

Because of the skating stunts she had to do for the film, Robbie underwent plenty of leg and core training, which helped her build the powerful yet lithe figure of an ice skater. Women’s Health reported that she completed a hundred sit-ups every day during filming, under the instruction of figure skater Tonya Harding herself.

Though Robbie worked out only five days a week, each of her workout sessions were reportedly four hours long—so her peak physical condition came as absolutely no surprise.


For her role as Harley Quinn in 2015’s Suicide Squad, Robbie embraced boxing and intense leg and butt workouts, as well as focusing intensively on abs—similar to stars like Kim Kardashian West and Gigi Hadid.

Her trainer Andie Hecker told People: “We did a lot of heavy-weighted, low reps of arabesque pulls hooked up to resistance pulleys, as well as arabesque lifts with heavy ankle weights in order to build and lift the butt. We also did a tonne of side-series outer thigh work, targeting outer glutes with high reps and low weights, to pull her muscles in and creative a beautiful line from the waist to the upper thigh.”

Hecker said he was very impressed by Robbie’s dedication to the role, and tirelessly chasing the best possible physique.

“She was a total trooper. It was very satisfying to see her body change into exactly what she wanted it to look like in such a short time.”

What Is Margot Robbie’s Diet?

As a native Queenslander—she hails from Dalby, west of the Gold Coast—Robbie is well and truly familiarised with a laid-back lifestyle.

Still, her career as an actress often sees her having to stick to a rigorous diet, in order to keep fit or trim down for a role.

Emirates Woman wrote that while Robbie avoids saturated fats, fast foods, sugary drinks and chocolate in preparation for roles, she’ll always permit herself the occasional glass of wine or two. The magazine also shared an excerpt of Robbie’s clean-eating, protein-rich diet, which involves porridge and a green smoothie for breakfast, salad and lemon chicken for lunch, and fish (preferably tuna) with baked vegetables for dinner.

Robbie has also shared that she isn’t overly strict with herself.

“I’m not good at moderation”, Robbie told Emirates Woman. “I get miserable if I don’t eat. I can’t just have a salad every day and half a glass of wine every second day. I can’t do it.”

“I don’t have a very good diet. I love beers, fries, burgers, but if I have to get in a bikini then I’ll eat carrot sticks for three days. I’m one extreme or the other. Chocolate, waffles and fries are the main food groups that make up my diet.”

Fair enough, Margot.

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