Margot Robbie Spotted In Character As Tonya Harding…Again

Prepare to be amazed by her next look...
Getty Images

Last week we were stunned to see a very un-Margot, Margot Robbie all decked out as disgraced US figure skater, Tonya Harding, and now new photos of this unrecognisable Robbie has surfaced on set from Atlanta, Georgia.

The usually stylish actress was sporting a curly mullet wig, red-checkered blouse, high-waisted jeans and pink sneakers – giving off major Kath & Kim vibes?

Robbie was snapped alongside her co-star, Sebastian Stan, who plays Harding’s then-husband, Jeff Gillooly, who wore almost matching sneakers with her. Err couple goals?

The film, I, Tonya, follows the champion figure skater that made international headlines in 1994 after her husband hired a hit man to break the leg of her rival, Nancy Kerrigan, seven weeks before the U.S. National Championships.

Kerrigan fortunately recovered and earned a silver medal during the Olympics. Just yesterday it was revealed that Caitlin Carver has been cast in her role.

Judging by these photos, the film will focus on a different time period during Harding’s professional career, as the images last week depicted Robbie with longer hair.

Unfortunately we won’t be able to see Robbie completely in character (with her array of bad 90s getups) just yet, as the film isn’t set to hit cinemas until 2018.  

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