Did You Notice This Huge Editing Fail On ‘MAFS’ Last Night?


We all know Married At First Sight isn’t exactly a raw reality TV show. Editing, production and all those interfering elements come into play, creating drama and intrigue – exactly how we like it. However, sometimes those editing moments are, well, kind of a fail.

That’s exactly what happened last night – and fans were quick to catch the moment. It all centres around whether the experts are actually watching the MAFS dinner party live in a separate room, or whether they are watching recordings after the fact.

If you look closely, you’ll see that the room used to do face-to-face reaction chats with the contestants is the same room used for the experts when watching the dinner parties.

Here’s Sam in one of her chats:


And here are the experts having a chat “during” the dinner party.


See how that bookshelf thing is the same? Right down to the plants hanging off it. It definitely seems like the room they use for the experts is the same as the one used for the to-camera segments of the dinner party.

That being said, it’s not like the experts NEED to be watching the dinner party at the same time as it occurs. They’re really just watching to assess the interactions of couples to make a better judgement during the commitment ceremony. Still, pretty funny.

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