We Can’t Believe Bryce’s Friends Just Confirmed That Secret Girlfriend Rumour


We’re reaching the tail end of Married At First Sight for 2021, and that usually means things calm down for a while as all the couples in the experiment hang around all loved-up and happy. Well, not this season – this season is pure chaos.

Not only did tonight’s episode see Bec leave Jake because of her apparently dying dog (although fans have been quick to be cynical about her excuse, considering she wrote leave last night), we also saw Melissa meet Bryce’s friends… and yes, they ruined his lies about not having some sort of girlfriend-outside-the-experiment. 

Naturally, MAFS fans had a field day with this moment on Twitter. The reactions are so good – sometimes we wonder if we watch this show for the show, or for the funny tweets. Probably the latter, to be honest.

Honestly, we cannot WAIT for the reunion episode.

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