So, For Once, Australia Is In Agreement Over ‘MAFS’ Yearly Cheating Scandal?

Looks like Coco and Sam have quite the connection

This week on Married At First Sight it’s confession week, which can only mean one thing: we’re getting introduced to this year’s inevitable cheating scandal. Buckle up, everyone—it’s going to be a loooong season.

Following on from Tuesday night’s episode, which saw the couples—who, at this point, have literally known each other for the better part of two weeks—rate their fellow contestants on attractiveness. This challenge, presented by expert John Aiken, is just a cheating scandal waiting to happen, and one can only assume it’s the precursor to some brides and grooms realising just exactly who they might try their luck with. 

Tonight, the unlikely pairs are off to their next challenge, this time sharing horrible past details about their lives with, again, the people they’ve known all of two seconds. 

Melissa shares that she’s spent the last twelve years sleeping with her ex-partner, including when he was married, albeit she didn’t know that was his circumstances at the time. As to be expected, her reality TV beau Bryce doesn’t particularly like this revelation, which is confusing considering he’s cheated on partners in the past? As one very poignant tweet this week petitioned, MAFS ought to be renamed, “Men Are F*cking Sh*t.”

Booka and Brett arrive to show us that, yes, love is real, struggling to find things they don’t like about one another. These two! Starting our own petition to have these two solo for all episodes going forward. 

Then onto what we all want—infidelity between this random group of people who have been forced to wed! Coco invites Cam over for a chat, and he reveals he used to work in construction with Sam, but other than that, we’re not given much else. But, damn, is it juicy! 

As always we’re rounding up the night’s best reactions, and if you want a full rundown of tonight’s wild events, head to our recap.

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