All The ‘Married At First Sight’ Couples For 2021

Love is in the air.

Our Married At First Sight couples for 2021 are finally being announced, and so far we don’t have a lot of complaints. Well, some odd pairings have been presented, but generally we believe in love this year.

The Married At First Sight experts themselves have even said this, recently giving an interview dishing on how some of this year’s contestants, do, in fact, find real relationships.

Speaking in conversation with The Latch, series experts Mel Schilling, John Aiken and newcomer clinical sexologist, Alessandra Rampolla, touched on what we can expect to see transpire between the couples this season.

When asked if there were “any love stories” between contestants in 2021, Schilling enthusiastically said: “Yes!”.

“Everyone wants a happy ending,” she continued. “They want a Disney fairy tale.”

Relationship expert Aiken also said this year’s crop of participants entered into the experiment with clear intentions of finding a partner.

“All of them were committed to this experiment and falling in love,” he said.

According to Rampolla, the events of 2020 and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic may have been a driver for how this year’s contestants are approaching the experiment.

“With lockdowns, people are really focusing on the connections they make with someone else,” she said.

“It’s not so much the touch and go situation you had before because you could just meet up with anybody, people have really turned back to wanting companionship and wanting someone who will listen to them and feel a real connection. I think that trickles down into the experiment for this season.”

Here are the couples announced so far.

1. Booka and Brett


Booka Nile is a musician, playing in a popular metal band Make Them Suffer. She also has a degree in psychology. Brett is studying psychology after quitting his job as an electrician to pursue his dream.

2. Sam and Cam


Sam is a single mum of two boys, having split from her partner after catching him cheating on her. Cam is a crane operator who says he wants to be a young dad.

3. Coco and Sam


Coco has already cemented herself as the loud gal of the MAFS 2021 bunch (and possibly sparked a feud with Girl Sam). Her husband, also called Sam, has already put viewers at odds after his less-than-excited reaction around his bride.

4. Bek and Jake


Bek and Jake have had a rocky start. The ex-footy player turned mental health advocate apparently, according to Bek, was more interested in her sexual appeal than her personality, and has therefore put her offside. Will they form a bond or be the first to split?

5. Melissa and Bryce


Radio host Bryce has already started some controversy after revealing on the show that he split from his fiancee mere months before filming. Melissa, meanwhile, is probably the most vulnerable person on MAFS 2021, openly acknowledging she has insecurities around dating. 

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