It’s Decided, Australia Will Protect MAFS’ Chris At All Costs

"All I can say is that Chris’ daughters have a great role model in their father."

Tonight on MAFS we have *drumroll* more weddings! Don’t get us wrong we love a Married At First Sight ceremony, but at this point, it does feel like the experts might just be adding to the contestant list in the hopes at least one couple leaves the experiment in wedded bliss.  

In any case, we meet bride Jamie and groom Chris, who, despite a pretty awkward and rocky start thanks to the FIFO driller’s nerves, he well and truly redeems himself following that tear-inducing speech. It was very cute, and Australia has collectively decided that he must be protected at all costs. 

Johnny and Kerry’s honeymoon hits a speedbump when he asks his new wife if she’s still in contact with her ex-husband, which she replies they have been to check in on the dogs (and you know, other normal human communication) and he gets in a tizzy and claims it makes him “feel sick.”

Joanne and James decide to give their marriage another shot, while Georgia and Liam get the honesty box out for dinner, and while usually, that’s a recipe for disaster, the two are both open-minded and good at communication so leave the experience better off. Hooray! 

Below, check out the best reactions to tonight’s episode, and head to our nightly recap for a full rundown.

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