“Melissa, Move On!” MAFS Viewers Call For Bride To Dump Groom

"ah yes love when men have respect for my rights and whatnots"

On tonight’s MAFS we’re winding down from that dinner party, which can only mean one thing: drama. 

Everything is centred on Bryce and Melissa’s relationship, of course, because things are getting more problematic by the minute. 

Basically, tonight Bryce tries to justify his actions by explaining the rumours about his “girlfriend” on the outside, and unsurprisingly everyone questions why he would have even brought it up with Bec in the first place (something we’re still asking). 

We finish the episode with expert John encouraging Bryce to be “delicate” in how he goes forward in treating Melissa, and he agrees, before adding: “I need your help in dealing with pure stupidity and idiots.” 

*Big sigh.* Below, the best reactions to tonight’s episode, and head to our nightly recap for a full rundown.

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