MAFS Reactions: Are We Really Surprised?

The best reactions to tonight's final vows.

That’s it (well, for some couples at least). The first round of MAFS final vows are done for another season and this year’s most controversial couple, Bryce and Melissa, were what Australia was tuning in for. 

At the start of the episode, Melissa tells producers that Bryce, throughout the experiment, has “defended her honour” (sigh), and we pretty much know from that point the decision she plans to make—despite telling viewers she may “shock” us (sigh). 

We jump to Johnny and Kerry, who are hailed as this season’s most adorable couple by the audience, and thank goodness at least their love story is adorable, sweet and everything we could have hoped for.

Back to Melissa and Bryce, where we get a glimmer that the MAFS bride might make the decision everyone wants: to say leave.  

“I need to be completely and brutally honest with you,” she tells him, while Australia holds its breath waiting for her to make her decision.

“Throughout the experiment, you have been involved in conflict with others that has brought our conflict into the relationship”, she adds, before confronting him over the “secret girlfriend” rumour that has plagued their relationship, admitting that it brought her fears of rejection to the surface. 

“Despite the rumour, the conflict and everyone’s opinions on our relationship, I have never felt this way about anyone,” she finished. “I believe with every fibre in my body that our relationship is one worth fighting for.” 

The pair say “I love you” and embrace, leaving Twitter less than amused. 

Below, what viewers had to say about Bryce and Melissa’s final vows.

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