MAFS’ Bryce And Melissa Confirm They’re Still Together In Emotional Statement

"While it might be hard for some to believe, it is my decision, my life and my choice."

With Married At First Sight’s first round of final vows complete, everyone’s moved on to the next pressing question: which couples are still together post-experiment? 

In particular, all eyes are on this season’s most controversial couple, Bryce and Melissa, as viewers watched the pair make their final decision to stay or leave. 

Preparing for the final vows on Monday night’s episode, Melissa remembered the hurtful words Bryce has said to her throughout their experience. 

“My heart tells me one thing and my head is telling me another. And I think my decision is going to shock everybody,” she says as she makes her way to the venue, and Australia holds its breath thinking… she might actually shock us? 

Arriving, Bryce is first up, admitting that he and Melissa have “faced more challenges than anyone ever before us”.

“Melissa, I am falling in love with you and I can’t wait to start a life together,” the groom finishes.

“I need to be completely and brutally honest with you,” Melissa starts. “The rumour of someone waiting outside of the experiment for you has plagued our relationship, and with accusations by not one but two people, I had to question what was true. It was nothing short of devastating. 

“But despite the rumour, the conflict and everyone’s opinion, I know deep down in my heart that I have never felt this way. I can absolutely say with certainty that I am in love with you,” she finishes.

Following the emotional episode, the pair took to social media to share an update on their relationship—confirming our suspicions that they were back together. 

Sharing a photo of the pair from the final commitment ceremony, Bryce wrote: “We know people don’t agree with how our relationship appears to be from the outside. We have proven you can be happy with someone when others negatively judge our relationship from afar without knowing the home truths. People are always going to have opinions as we do in our own relationship. In the end, @mafs shows everyone that love silences all ♥️” 

Melissa echoed his sentiments, writing: “My heart is full. I love this man so much and we truly make each other happy every single day. While it might be hard for some to believe, it is my decision, my life and my choice. And I choose him. He is my partner, my lover and the man that I have fallen head over heels for. Our love story is what I asked for; an all consuming and unconditional love. And I have found that with Bryce ❤️💋🥰 #MAFS.” 

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