Meghan Markle’s Pre-Prince Dating History

The men of Markle's past

Meghan Markle and her royal beau, Prince Harry, are about to be married in the wedding of the decade. 

In 2016 the Suits actress was hounded by the media, with the Prince and the palace intervening, demanding they leave Markle alone and respect her and Harry’s privacy. It was then that we knew the rumours were true: the famous American had bagged herself a prince in a true modern day fairytale.

But while Harry’s relationship faux have often been a rather more public affair, the question on everyone’s lips is: “who has dated Meghan Markle?”

Below, Meghan Markle’s dating history.

2014-2016 Cory Vitiello 

He’s the Candian chef who was dumped for a Prince. Meghan and Cory’s relationship apparently ended shortly after Meghan crossed paths with Harry! “They were a very handsome pair and well suited, but you got the impression it was a sometimes superficial relationship,” an insider revealed to The Daily Mail. “Cory was always very focused on his job and his work. In that respect, they both put their careers first. The relationship came second.”

But the successful chef doesn’t seem too downbeat about the situation: with Toronto still the place he calls home, he has a handful of super successful restaurants and is a regular on lifestyle TV shows.

2014 Rory McIlroy 

He’s the hottest golfer in the world, and ice bucket challenges aside, he’s been linked to many famous beautiful women over the years – it appears that Meghan was one of them.

Although never entirely confirmed, the pair were spotted on a hot date back in the summer of 2014. But many just say they enjoyed “hanging out as friends”. 

2004-2013 Trevor Engelson 

So not everyone may know that Meghan’s love life included not only a few eligible bachelors but also a husband. American film producer Engelson’s failed marriage to the actress was supposedly down to her filming schedule on Suits, which was filmed in Toronto, whilst his work kept him in LA.

The pair dated for six years and got engaged in 2010. Just one year later they wed in a luxurious Jamaican ceremony which was “just one big party.”

But perhaps Engelson is hanging on to the past, as his newest series is set to be based around the *cough cough* ‘fictional’ plotline of “an American girl falling in love with an English prince”… ring any bells, Trevor?

Meghan Markle and Trevor Engelson
Meghan Markle and ex-husband Trevor Engelson

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