What Does Mercury Retrograde In Scorpio Actually Mean?!

This is how to handle the planets

You’ve likely been seeing a lot of memes about good old Mercury over the past few days, with the planet that rules communication officially ready to F things up again. On October 31st, Mercury retrograde in Scorpio started, which means a chaotic few weeks are in store.

But what does it actually all mean?! Mercury Retrograde is the name for the phenomenon which occurs when Mercury, the planet closest to the sun (which is associated with intellect, communication, technology, and timing), appears to move ‘backwards’ across the sky. These periods are seen as times of pure chaos, – missed flights, miscommunications – you get the gist.

This specific Mercury retrograde being in water-sign Scorpio means that it’ll affect issues Scorpio presides over first and foremost: relationships and money. Scorpio is a sign known for being extremely intuitive and emotional, so we’re likely to be feeling all the #feels over the next three weeks too.

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But it’s not always a bad thing: Mercury Retrograde is the time to look back on the past and reflect on what’s working and what isn’t. And while it’s not the ideal time to sign any contracts or make any life-altering decisions, you can definitely let go of old grudges and reach out to people you’ve lost contact with.

Just make sure you give yourself an extra half hour to get to the airport if you have a flight to catch.

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