Millie Bobby Brown To Star And Produce A Netflix Adaptation Of ‘The Girls I’ve Been’

And she's going to be playing a con artist

If you loved Millie Bobby Brown in Stranger Things, then we’ve got news for you: she’s set to star in another thriller, and it’s based on an upcoming novel.

According to Deadline, Netflix is adapting Tess Sharpe’s novel The Girls I’ve Been into its very own feature film, starring Millie Bobby Brown, who is also set to produce the flick, and alongside Ozark‘s Jason Bateman.

And after both Brown’s and Bateman’s past project have just landed Emmy nominations, there’s no wonder why Netflix is looking to stay in business with the talented pair.

The novel, The Girls I’ve Been, is a twist-driven, exhilarating thriller that follows con artist, Nora, who must use her powers of persuasion and impersonation to get herself, her girlfriend, and ex-boyfriend free during a hostage situation at a bank.

It was brought in by Aggregate Films’ Tracey Nyberg and falls under Aggregate’s overall deal with Netflix and will be published by Penguin Random House early next year.

Millie Bobby Brown
Milly Bobby Brown in ‘Enola Holmes’

Brown is currently developing A Time Lost for Netflix, which is based on her own original story that she co-wrote with her sister Paige Brown. She also stars in and produces another Netflix film called Enola Holmes, a detective story about Sherlock Holmes’ teenage sister, which will debut on Netflix later this year.

Brown will also be seen in the fourth season of Stranger Things, as seen in the recently released trailer, yet a release date is yet to be announced due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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