5 minutes with… Anna Heinrich

The Oral-B 3D White ambassador opens up about what makes her smile and her go-to mantra

What 3 things make you smile the most?

Honestly, it’s my family.  I’m very lucky to have an amazing and supportive family and to be surrounded by strong beautiful women – my two sisters, my wonderful mum, and my grandmother.  My Dad is brilliant too! 

Then there’s Tim – he’s the love of my life and I admire him so much, and I’m so proud to be his partner. 

Then there’s my friends/work/lifestyle.  A lot has been written about me being a lawyer, most of it inaccurate (I’m not a paralegal, I’m a licensed lawyer!), but I love that I get to spend time in my legal life and then also in the media world – the exciting opportunities, meeting amazing people, and working with wonderful brands.

Last time you laughed till you cried?

The morning after my best friend’s hens party; we were recapping all the things that went down. It was like a scene from The Hangover and still makes me laugh (or cringe) thinking about it.

 Your go-to mantra?

Be brave! Everything I’ve done in my life has taken courage. I have two degrees, and that took grit and determination. Sometimes I didn’t know if I’d make it, but I did. 

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