Margot Robbie, Delta Goodrem & Kylie Minogue Are Returning For The ‘Neighbours’ Finale

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Fans of Neighbours have known for quite some time that their time watching the comings and goings of Ramsay Street were coming to an end.

In heartbreaking news, Neighbours is officially wrapping up on July 28, 2022, after 37 years on our screens. And while we’re mourning the loss of one of Australia’s greatest soaps, fans have been treated with a hefty line up of famous faces returning to their roles to say goodbye to the beloved neighbourhood with us.

Ahead of the show’s series finale, we already know that some of the show’s most memorable characters—some gone, some still around—will be there to bid adieu to Erinsborough. Over the decades, there have been a few cast members that have gone from soaps to the Academy Awards, that hasn’t stopped them returning to where their careers began.

Below, we’ve rounded up the entire cast of the 2022 Neighbours series finale—from Kylie Mingoue’s Charlene to Margot Robbie’s Donna.

Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan

as Charlene and Scott Robinson

Neighbours finale

As we know, Scott and Charlene were married in an iconic wedding back in 1987, and now, the couple will be back to update us on where they’ve been. The pair left Neighbours separately within a year of each other, however, the characters did remain together as they moved to Brisbane.

“Scott and Charlene are the ultimate Neighbours couple and it would not feel right to end the show without them. We are thrilled that Jason and Kylie have come home to play a very special part in our series finale,” the Neighbours Twitter account shared on social media.

In real life, Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan left the show and built incredibly successful careers for themselves and even remained close in their personal lives. Neighbours producer, Jason Herbison, released a statement that confirmed the return of Minogue and Donovan for the series finale.

“We are thrilled that Jason and Kylie have come home to play a very special part in our series finale,” Herbison said. “It has been an emotional experience for them, for us and I’m sure it will be for our viewers.”

Guy Pearce

as Mike Young

Having played Mike Young during his stint on the show between 1986 to 1989, his character was the centre of a romantic storyline with Jane Harris, played by Annie Jones. But Mike chose to say farewell to the neighbourhood when his mother suffered injuries in a plane crash. As we know, Mike was last heard of when Jane revealed he was teaching underprivileged children in the Philippines.

Of course, Guy Pearce has also gone onto have an incredibly successful career in Hollywood, collecting accolades and acting titles a plenty.

Neighbours executive producer Jason Herbison confirmed Pearce’s return by saying, “I’m incredibly honoured that Guy is returning to the show for a very special story arc”.

“Having him back on set has been poignant for him and for us. He’s been very involved in the storyline, and I can’t wait to finally answer the question for viewers—who is Mike Young today?”

Delta Goodrem

​​as Nina Tucker

Neighbours finale

The last we saw of Nina Tucker was during the 2015 Neighbours celebrations for their 30th anniversary. Known as the shy girl next door, Nina worked endlessly to prove her musical talents and in her last stint, she worked at the Lassiter’s hotel to earn some cash and help out her community while starting her musical career.

Of course, the January 2022 marie claire Australia cover star has had an incredibly fortunate career, especially in Australia. She’s released a plethora of best-selling albums, starred in more acting gigs, has been the face of Revlon campaigns and even served as a judge on Australia’s The Voice.

Neighbours finale

Donna was last seen on Neighbours in 2011, when she left Ramsay Street to attend fashion school in New York. Throughout the show, Donna famously married her longtime boyfriend Ringo, who was tragically killed by Steph Scully’s motorbike.

As we know, Margot Robbie is easily one of the most famous alum to come from the show. One of Hollywood’s most famous stars at the moment, she’s earned herself two Academy Awards nominations, one Best Supporting Actress nomination for her role in Bombshell (2019) and the other was a Best Actress nomination for her role in I, Tonya (2018).

She also scored herself roles in Martin Scorsese’s The Wolf Of Wall Street, alongside Leonardo DiCaprio, Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon A Time… In Hollywood and is currently starring as Barbie herself in Greta Gerwig’s adaptation of the popular fashion doll, alongside Ryan Gosling—and it’s earned her very high pay packet.

Tim Robards

as Pierce Greyson

The last we saw of Pierce Greyson was in 2020, when his character was married to Chloe Brennan and embroiled in an affair with Dipi Rebecchi. However, his character was recast with a different actor, Don Hany, when former Bachelor Tim Robards had to leave suddenly for personal commitments.

Eventually, his character left Ramsay Street for Sydney, but returned so Pierce could visit his son, Hendrix. For the finale, the show is welcoming back Tim Robards for a guest segment, set in Sydney, where he will discover his son Hendrix’s diagnosis of pulmonary fibrosis.

Natalie Imbruglia

as Beth Brennan

According to reports, famous musician Natalie Imbruglia is set to reprise her role from London, and will coincide with that of her on-screen son, Ned. Of course, we remember her character, Beth Brennan, was in Sydney earlier this year, but at the moment, there is not much else we know about her character’s return.

Olympia Valance

as Paige Smith

Reprising her role for the finale, Olympia Valance‘s character Paige was first seen in 2014, as the long-lost daughter of Brad Willis and Lauren Turner. Throughout the show, she had an on-again, off-again relationship with Mark Brennan.

After departing Ramsay Street with her son, Gabriel, she made a return to Ramsay Street in 2020, where she reunited with Mark and they eventually were married. She then headed back to Adelaide, and it was revealed that she was pregnant with a baby boy, later named Freddie.

Chatting about her return to the show, Olympia opened up about how it feels to head back to the set before it closes up for good.

“Neighbours has always felt like home to me. It was my first acting job, and it taught me so much,” she said, adding, “there is a reason why everyone refers to Neighbours as the best training ground in the TV”.

Neighbours finale
Olympia Valance

Holly Valance

as Flick Scully

According to reports, Holly Valance is set to make a cameo in the Neighbours finale all the way from London, alongside her sister, Olympia. 

The last we saw of her character, Flick Scully, she was headed to Hollywood. It’s been a while since her last on-screen appearance in 2005, so it’s unknown whether we’ll see sisters Flick and Steph reunite. Either way, we can’t wait to see what’s in store.

Daniel MacPherson

as Joel Samuels

As we know, Daniel MacPherson has been incredibly vocal about returning to reprise his role as Joel Samuels, which he last played in 2002.

“It was an Honour to play Joel Samuels one last time!,” he shared on Twitter. “To give my thanks to #Neighbours cast, crew & loyal fans. Little did I know when I started there at 17, it would be the platform for a lifetime of Adventure. Was great to have Joel & Toadfish reunited.”

Jordan Patrick Smith and Pippa Black

as Andrew Robinson and Elle Robinson

Joining the enormous list of stars, Jordan Patrick Smith and Pippa Black are also headed back to the famous street. Last seen in 2013, Smith’s character, Andrew Robinson, was last seen in 2013 when he and his girlfriend, Natasha, were getting ready to travel around Europe.

Meanwhile, his sister Elle, played by Pippa Black, chose to leave Erinsborough in 2009 to follow her dreams in New York city. However, she did temporarily return in 2019, when their father Paul discovered that she was part of a scheme involving all of his ex-wives.

Neighbours finale
Jodi Gordon

Jodi Gordon

as Elly Conway

The last time that we saw Elly Conway was 2020, when she and her daughter Aster left to begin a new life with her child’s father, Shaun Watkins. In the end, the couple moved away to Switzerland together and seem to have been happy ever since.

However, it makes sense that Jodi Gordon will be back to bring life into her character once more, especially given that her aunty and uncle, Susan and Karl, are still in the neighbourhood.

Bonnie Anderson

as Bea Nilsson

One of the last Neighbours alum to return for the series finale is Bonnie Anderson’s character, Bea Nilsson. In case you didn’t know, Anderson is actually the voice responsible for the show’s iconic theme song. We can expect that her character will be reunited with her sister, Elly, who is also returning for the last episode.

In the last year of the show, Bea left Ramsay Street to travel the world. So, surely she’ll be back to see her friends and family one last time.

Carla Bonner

as Steph Scully

Of course, there’s no way that Neighbours could ever wrap up without a final appearance from fan-favourite, Steph Scully. Throughout the seasons, Carla Bonner’s character has gone through life’s toughest hardships, from breast cancer, mental health struggles and even spent time in jail.

By 2018, she departed the show with her sons, Charlie and Adam. Here’s hoping that Steph’s life has taken a more relaxing and fulfilling turn before the show wraps up.

Kym Valentine and Jesse Spencer

as Libby and Billy Kennedy

There’s no way that Neighbours could end without Karl and Susan reuniting with their children, Libby and Billy Kennedy. The last time that we saw Libby was in 2014, when she moved away to China to teach children.

As for Billy, the last time fans saw his character was way back in 2005. His final on-screen moments saw him marry his long-time love, Anne Wilkinson, and we later found out that the pair have welcomed three children together.

Neighbours finale

Ian Smith

as Harold Bishop

While he may not have made it big in Hollywood, Harold Bishop is still the most beloved character from the entire show. Known for his marriage to Madge, the show saw the character suffer a stroke, which altered his personality, and even saw him get lost at sea before returning with amnesia years later.

In 2009, Ian Smith decided to leave the Australian soap, but has made a few cameo appearances up until 2015. News that Smith had returned to filming in February, when co-star Alan Fletcher confirmed the news on ITV’s This Morning. And of course, Neighbours‘ official Twitter account also shared a clip of Smith standing inside his character’s famous cafe, confirming his return.

Peter O’Brien

as Shane Ramsay

Last seen in 1987, Shane Ramsay left the neighbourhood to travel the country, but ultimately returned after a couple years, when he was facing a charge of manslaughter and suffered a serious injury that derailed his dreams of being in the Olympics.

While he worked on the soap, Pete O’Brien’s character was a dynamic duo with Clive Gibbons, so here’s hoping the pair reunite once more.

Jane Allsop

as Lisa Rowsthorn

Hendrix’s mum, Lisa Rowsthorn, first took to our screens in 2020 when she asked Pierce to provide a sample, so he can father another child with her. But what made the situation even more uncomfortable was that Pierce was still married to Chloe at the time. Almost entering another pregnancy with David Tanaka and his husband Aaron Brennan, Lisa left Ramsay Street when she became pregnant with her ex-boyfriend’s baby.

As we know, Jane Allsop’s character will return to our screens in a guest role, so she can be there to support Hendrix through his difficult diagnosis.

Neighbours finale
Jane Allsop

Kate Kendall

as Lauren Turner

Paige’s mother, Lauren Turner, is set to return for the Australian soap’s finale hurrah. For fans, they might recall how Lauren left Erinsborough after marrying Brad and deciding to move away in 2017. Since her departure, she made a number of on-screen returns, famously coming back when Paige fell ill after giving birth to her son, Gabe, and even returned to her grandson’s naming day.

Mark Little

as Joe Mangel

Last seen in 2005, Joe Mangel was last seen when he chose to leave Erinsborough for Western Australia to be closer to his son, Toby. However, Joe has been a presence on Neighbours since 1988 and still has a niece, Jane Harris, and an ex-wife, Melanie Pearson, who both live in the neighbourhood.

Paul Keane

as Des Clarke

Created by Neighbours creator Reg Watson, Des Clarke was one of the show’s original characters in 1985. Since the show began, he returned many times, particularly for the Australian soap’s 30th and 35th year milestones, so naturally, Paul Keane’s on-screen return is a given.

His character, Des, was last seen in 2011, where he met Jane Harris to open up about their relationship and how their spontaneous marriage may not have been the best idea.

Benjamin McNair

as Mal Kennedy

Karl and Susan have a lot of children, and Mal Kennedy just happens to be the eldest. However, the last time that we saw him was in 2014, when he shared the news that he was becoming a father. Later, he left for London to be with his wife when she was giving birth to their daughter. Here’s hoping we get to see the happy family reunite.

Morgan Baker

as Callum Rebecchi

The adopted son of Toadie, Callum was what brought his biological mum, Sonya, and his father together as a couple. However, fans were heartbroken when Sonya tragically passed away from cancer in 2019. While Callum was living away from the neighbourhood during his mother’s cancer battle, he made it home just in time before she passed in one of the most heartbreaking scenes in the show’s history.

As we know, Toadie, Nell and Hugo went onto follow Callum to California for work, where the group have been ever since.

Lesley Baker

as Angie Rebecchi

Angie Rebecchi, AKA Toadie’s mother, has been a fan-favourite personality who comes-and-goes from Ramsay Street for many years. Always around if her family needed her, we last saw Angie when she returned to Erinsborough to attend Sonya’s memorial, so here’s hoping we get to see her again during a more happier time.

The series finale of Neighbours will air on 10 Peach on Thursday, July 28 at 7:30pm.

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