Netflix Is Releasing More Movies Next Year Than Most Major Studios Combined

Prepare to never leave your house again

As if it wasn’t already hard enough to tear yourself away from your Netflix binge session, they’ve just announced that a whopping 80 original movies will be released on the site next year. 

That’s right, three brand spanking new movies will be available for your watching pleasure every two weeks

While the above may sound amazing, please take a second to mourn all of the outdoor activities, cleaning, life admin, general things other than perfecting that couch mould, that you’ll miss out on doing in 2018. 

This year, Disney (which also owns Pixar, Marvel Studios, and Lucasfilm) released 13 movies, Warner Bros. (along with New Line, Fine Line, Warner Independent, and Picturehouse studios) released 23 films and Sony released 38, reports Quartz. 

Unless they ramp up their production a lot Netflix will be running circles around them – and we’ll be running circles around the couch.

The best part? You won’t have to fork out $50 for a small coke just to see the film.

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