‘The Last Letter From Your Lover’ Is A Must-Watch For Romantics Looking For The Next ‘The Notebook’

Joe Alwyn, boyfriend of Taylor Swift, is amongst the leading cast

When it comes to romance, there are simply some films that stay etched in our minds long after the end credits roll.

And while some classics, like The Notebook, will always tug at the heartstrings, perhaps it’s time for a new story of long-lost lovers to fill the void.

Enter: The Last Letter From Your Lover.

Based on Jojo Moyes’ (the same author behind Me Before You) best-selling novel of the same name, the Netflix original follows a present day journalist who uncovers an illicit affair from the 1960s between a married woman and a journalist writing about her husband. The unrequited lovers wrote letters to one another during their tryst, which a modern-day journalist finds, making it her mission to tell their story and hopefully reunite the pair.

Essentially, it’s the perfect must-watch for a romance lovers next movie night in, and we have a funny feeling this film will be difficult to forget.

Fascinated? Keep reading for everything you need to know about The Last Letter From Your Lover—from the plot and cast members to when you can stream it in Australia.

The Last Letter From Your Lover

What Is The Plot Of The Last Letter From Your Lover?

Based on Jojo Moyes’ best-selling novel, The Last Letter From Your Lover follows Jennifer, the wife of an incredibly wealthy and powerful industrialist named Laurence. But when an accident causes her to lose her memory, she attempts to find ways to rediscover herself. While searching for relics of her past, she stumbles across love letters that her former self had hidden in her home. 

In the letters, she recalls an illicit romance from the 1960s, that she had with a journalist, Anthony O’Hare, who was tasked with writing a piece about her husband. The pair’s unrequited affair saw them write each other passionate letters detailing their time together, and it is through said scriptures that Jennifer reignites her memory and the life she would have rather led.

However, she can’t reunite with Anthony alone. As per the film’s synopsis, “Jennifer’s story becomes intertwined with that of Ellie, a whip-smart journalist in contemporary London, who discovers and becomes enthralled by these love letters from a bygone era.”

With the help of Rory, an archivist who forms a similar attachment to Ellie, the modern-day pair spend their days discovering the truth behind the letters, with Ellie and Jennifer becoming more entangled than ever before.

Fascinated? Check out the trailer below to see for yourself.

WATCH BELOW: The Last Letter From Your Lover Trailer

Who Is Cast In The Last Letter From Your Lover?

Aside from the film’s heart-swelling storyline, and as per every Netflix original, the cast list features a stellar line up of famous faces. Leading the cast is Shailene Woodley (Big Little Lies, Divergent) as Jennifer Stirling; and Callum Turner (Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them) as Anthony O’Hare.

Joining the two is Joe Alwyn (Mary Queen of Scots) as Jennifer’s husband, Laurence Stirling; Felicity Jones (The Theory Of Everything, On The Basis Of Sex) as modern-day journalist Ellie Haworth; Nabhaan Rizwan (Informer) as archivist, Rory; and Emma Appleton (The Watcher) as Hannah.

When Can We Watch The Last Letter From Your Lover In Australia?

Ready for next binge-watch? The Last Letter From Your Lover will premiere exclusively on Netflix on July 23, 2021.

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