This Is What ‘The Bachelor’ Nick Cummins Looks Like Without A Moustache

Spoiler: Really good

Nick ‘Honey Badger’ Cummins is about as far from your typical Bachelor as they come. The lovable former Wallabies winger, known for his witty one-liners, is a certified bogan, complete with a moustache, long hair and lots of shakas.

Undoubtedly a brilliant choice for us Down Under, but almost certain to leave any Americans who come across this season very intrigued/concerned/confused. 

While the Honey Badger is a refreshing addition to the reality TV dating show, a few of the contestants were taken aback when they failed to see a Tim Robards lookalike awaiting them at the mansion.

Contestant Vanessa Sunshine was quick to condemn Cummins’ moustache and wondered aloud what he’d look like without it. 


Prompting the question, what does he look like without it? 

Despite vowing he would now never shave his moustache off when prompted by The Project hosts earlier this week, there was a time the Badg went without his famous face of hair. 

Vanessa Sunshine, eat your heart out. 

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