Partaking In Dry July? Here Are The Best Non-Alcoholic Wines To Try This Month

Photography: Killjoy Drinks (imagery @annikakafcaloudis & styling @natturnbull)

Following a year that saw us locked down at home amid a global pandemic, it’s perhaps unsurprising (and completely understandable) that many of us turned to alcohol for some slight reprieve. Although, as we (somewhat) return to normal, many have since decided to ditch their go-to drops in favour of non-alcoholic options—including everything from zero percent gins, wines and plenty more. 

And as the first of July is officially upon us, there’s no better time to consider taking that 30-day plunge and swapping out your nightly red wine for something of the alcohol-free variety. Plus, the world of non-alcoholic selections is no longer measly pickings, but instead a booming industry that has countless Australian small businesses and winemakers catering to those who have decided to ditch the drinks. 

From organic wines crafted using traditional methods to NON’s iconic (and oh-so-Instagram-worthy) wines that have since become a staple at all dinner parties, read on for our edit of the best non-alcoholic wines available in Australia. 

Funky Monkey Blanc de Blanc

Created by legendary winemaker Corey Ryan, Funky Monkey’s wine ranges are crafted to be richer in antioxidants (just minus the alcohol), and the Blanc de Blanc, in particular, should be added to your must-try lists! Employing high-quality grapes from dry-grown South Australian vineyards that provide refreshing notes of citrus, apple and topped off with a sweet fruit twist, it’s the perfect drop to celebrate with. 

$14.99, shop here.

funky money

NON #5 Lemon Marmalade + Hibiscus

You’ve no doubt spotted NON bottles all over your Instagram feeds, with their sleek, colourful releases providing the perfect addition to any tablescape. The wine brand’s #5 selection was made in collaboration with the team at Assembly Store in Carlton and includes notes of tart native citrus, menthol bouquet and bitter hops. If you’re a fan of sour beer, add this to your Dry July lineup. 

$30, shop here.

non 5

Edenvale Cabernet Sauvignon

Trying to reduce your nightly red wine intake? Look to the team at Edenvale, who have crafted a smooth Australian Cab Sav that features intense blackcurrant, blackberry and cedar flavours, leaving an intense finish that is sure to leave your red wine craving satisfied. Just add cheese! 

$9.95, shop here.


Plus & Minus Pinot Grigio

As experts in the winemaking department, Australian makers Plus and Minus employ traditional techniques to craft their non-alcoholic ranges. The brand’s pinot grigio uses premium grapes grown in South Australia, offering up delightful flavours of apple, pear and citrus. The best part? The wine has added further health benefits, using grape seed extract to give the wine more antioxidants than its alcoholic alternatives. Oh, and it’s also vegan, and low in calories and sugar! 

$14.95, shop here.

plus minus

NON #3 Toasted Cinnamon and Yuzu

Of course, another NON drop was going to be on the list with this particular variety offering something a little sweeter. Similar to orange wines, NON uses Japanese yuzu, local organic Valencia oranges and toasted cinnamon to bring its #3 selection to life, with results that are both tart and sweet. Pour over ice and you’ve found the perfectly refreshing end to your day. 

$30, shop here.


Plus & Minus Shiraz

As with its pinot grigio, Plus & Minus’ Shiraz has been created using only the best dry-grown South Australian grapes, leaving a “flavour bomb” of black fruits, a touch of spice and a slight aroma of tannins. As far as non-alcoholic wines go, you can’t go past this selection (which leaves a full flavour palette like that of alcoholic reds). 

$14.99, shop here.

plus minus

Altina La Vie En Rose 

Crisp, fragrant and lightly sparkled—what more could one want from their alcohol-free selections. Altina’s La Vie en Rose, which features orange hibiscus and pink rose petals, offers up the perfect blend of sweet and spice (with no artificial colours or flavours!). Simply serve chilled, and voila! 

$16.99, shop here.


Freixenet Alcohol Free Sparkling White

Having been perfecting their wine for a decade, Freixenet’s sparkling white is just waiting to be enjoyed at that extra special occasion. The bubbles perfectly complement its zesty citrus hints, with its fruity palette leaving an expertly refreshing finish. Freixenet suggests pairing this particular drop with appetisers and fruit salads—yum! 

$11.50, shop here.


Main image credit: via Killjoy Drinks (photography by Annika Kafcaloudis and styling by Nat Turnbull).

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