The Instagram Account That’s Embracing The Single Life In The Best (And Most Hilarious) Way

This one’s for all the single ladies

For all those loved-up couples out there, the last quarter of the year is pretty blissful. The Christmas holidays are also known as engagement season, while September and October is the peak time for weddings. 

But for all those single ladies, the constant engagement announcements on Instagram or missed bouquet-catching opportunities may get you down. However, New Yorker and comedian Mary McCarthy is having none of that. 

Back in 2016, she started an Instagram account @notengaged, where she celebrates and embraces her single life by documenting her solo adventures both all over the world and in the monotony of cleaning her bathroom on a Friday night via a bunch of hand selfies.

The idea for #notengaged came about one night when she was on her way home from an engagement party. She stopped for tacos and texted a photo of her dinner to friends with the caption “when you’re not engaged but you have tacos”.

Her friends thought it was hilarious and a couple of weeks later, Mary, who says she’s “been a bridesmaid about seven million times”, started her Instagram account to remind others that it’s ok to be single.

hi. im not engaged but im ok i promise. follow the adventures of my unwed left hand and i as we realize things are ok,” reads her Instagram description.

“It’s basically how I’m living my life, and how I’m single and I have my own apartment and how single girls are doing just as fine as everybody else,” Mary told Good Morning America. “As jokesy and silly as it is, I try to skew it more to empowerment … even though there’s the emoji with the huge tears streaming down.”

“If it helps make a few people laugh or smile, that’s all I need from it,” she added.

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