Asher Keddie Says ‘Offspring’ May Not Return For An Eighth Season

Bad news for fans of the series

Sad news for diehard fans of Offspring – lead actress Asher Keddie revealed that the series might not be returning for an eighth season.

Keddie, who plays loveable Nina Proudman in the show, told the Herald Sun there has been no conversation about continuing the series since season seven wrapped last year.

“The truth is I haven’t had a single conversation about it (continuing Offspring) since we finished shooting back in May/June last year,” she said to the publication.

Last August, the 43-year-old opened up about the future of the series ahead of the season seven finale.

She and Channel Ten confirmed it was still undecided on whether fans would be treated to a season eight.

“I’m happy for the show to come to a natural close but I still feel seven series in that it is challenging and that the writing has really taken a big leap this year,” she said.

“There are different possibilities if we were to go again but I also feel like all the sibling, in particular, have gotten to quite a solid place in their emotional lives.

“It is quite satisfying at the end. There is a lovely note of ambiguity,” she added.

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