The One Thing Prince Harry Admits He Has Never Tried

Wait, what?!

Prince Harry has revealed a shocking truth that honestly makes us feel a little sorry for him. 

While camping with a group of school children yesterday, the British royal admitted he’d never toasted a marshmallow or tasted a s’more.

Although, one could argue these snacks are deeply ingrained in Americana culture which could explain why the British royal has never sampled these classic campfire treats. Perhaps a little a harder to explain away, however, is the fact that just last week Prince Harry also admitted he’d never had a kebab – a classic British staple enjoyed after a drunk night out with the lads.

When asked why he’d never experienced the heavenly goodness that is a s’more, Prince Harry told People, “I’ve never toasted marshmallows over a campfire. They’re too sweet for me.” 

Given that Harry’s girlfriend (read: wife-to-be) Meghan Markle is American, perhaps she can do a better job of convincing Harry to step out of his comfort zone and try these delicious treats.

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