Why You Should Always Order The Cheapest Wine Bottle On The List

Trust us, there's an important reason why...

A sommelier has recently shared some secrets of the wine industry, revealing that the best value wine on the menu is actually the cheapest on the list.

Now stay with us here.

Wine expert Mark Oldman has served a lot of people in his time, and realised that the eye of his customers generally goes to the cheapest one on the list. So people often choose to buy the second cheapest wine on the list, so as not to appear ‘cheap’.

However, because wine managers have cottoned on to this trend, he says that they’ve come up with a move to trick you.

In his book How To Drink Like A Billionaire, he writes:

“Knowing that it will sell swiftly, [the wine director] may have slotted an overstocked bottle into the [second cheapest] position on the list. Even worse, he may have marked up this wine more than any other, making it potentially the worst value on the list.”


He suggests that instead, you should just order the cheapest wine.

You are better served to order the cheapest wine, which diners often neglect out of fear or embarrassment and thus is often a better value. Just make sure you do so at a restaurant that cares about its wine, where even modestly prices wines are of admirable quality.”

Win win!

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