Stop Everything: Sydney Is Getting A Peanut Butter Bar

With peanut butter EVERYTHING

If you’ve struggled to muster any excitement over the Nutella craze that’s swept Sydney, because secretly, you’re harbouring an obsession for what is actually the world’s best spread, then reader, your day is nigh.

A peanut butter dessert bar is coming to Sydney this month, and it’s set to be everything your sweet, sweet condiment dreams are made of: think peanut butter shakes, peanut butter pudding, peanut butter cookies, peanut butter gelato and peanut butter bliss balls.

Everything will be made from high-quality natural nut butter Buff Bake, a Californian brand that steers clear of added sugar, preservatives and hydrogenated fat, Broadsheet reports. Continuing the healthy(ish) theme, Peanut Butter Bar will offer a substantial vegan treats menu as well as high-protein, low-sugar gelato (but we’re mostly excited about the salted peanut butter and choc chip skillet cookies, below).

Peanut Butter Bar will open late September, according to their Instagram, on Norton Street in Sydney’s Leichhardt. See you in line.

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