Just An Article Reminding You Prince Harry Met The Spice Girls As A Child

And now they're playing at his wedding!
spice girkls

It’s easy to forget when looking at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, that the chic, loved-up couple were once young pre-teens as obsessed with the Spice Girls as you – and me – were. 

With the news that the iconic band is reuniting especially to perform at the royal wedding, we thought there’d be no better time than to revisit a young Prince Harry meeting his idols for the first time. 

Holding Victoria Beckham’s hand – who would later become a friend of his bride-to-be, Harry looks fittingly redfaced for a 13-year-old boy standing in between Posh and Baby Spice.

spice girkls
prince harry spice girls

Harry’s father, Prince Charles, also took some time out of his busy schedule to meet the Spice Girls (looking rather redfaced, as well).

Our favourite photo of the bunch? Mel C casually wiping away a lipstick mark from the future king’s cheek as Victoria and Harry chat away.

prince harry prince charles spice girls

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