ALERT: This New Kit Turns Water Into Prosecco

It's a miracle

September has been a magical month for Prosecco lovers. Last week came the news that Aldi is launching a 3 litre bottle of Prosecco–yes, that amounts to 24 glasses—just in time for Christmas.

Our latest boozy update: a simple DIY kit has been launched that literally turns water into wine. 

Called MySecco, the kit allows users to create a single bottle of crisp sparkling wine in 14 days. The alcohol alchemy works by adding warm water and the included yeast and syrup sachets into a bottle and giving it a swirl.

While we’re unsure of how the taste stacks up to a bottle of bubbly made by the professionals, the product description promises a “fresh and crisp flavour with delicate citrus notes”.

You can purchase MySecco through Argos and Firebox—although it doesn’t ship to Australia yet

Let’s pray to the Prosecco gods that it does. 

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