Meghan Markle Credits This Exercise For “Completely Transforming” Her Body

What the Duchess says goes

Meghan Markle is one of the most talked about and photographed women in the world, making chic appearances in designer outfits almost weekly. With her fashion influence almost topping that of Kim Kardashian’s, it’s only natural the Meghan Effect would eventually take over other areas, such as her go-to cheat meal and favourite exercise.

We’ve long wondered how the Duchess of Sussex manages to stay looking so incredibly fit (those legs!), healthy and, let’s be honest, what couple workouts she’s doing with Harry on the grounds of Kensington Palace. But it appears the answer was right in front of us all along (read: buried deep in old, now-resurfaced interviews prior to her joining the royal family.)

Aside from practising yoga, something she began age seven with her yoga-instructor mother, Doria Ragland, there’s one other exercise the 37-year-old says “completely transformed” her body: reformer pilates. 

“Your body changes immediately…give it two classes and you will see a difference,” Meghan previously told Women’s Health UK. Of course, Meghan isn’t the only celebrity to endorse the workout: Victoria’s Secret model Shanina Shaik swears by reformer pilates to get her runway ready, Miranda Kerr often posts images of herself on her machine and Kate Hudson, Madonna and Kate Bosworth have previously spoken about the benefits.

In a bid to be that little bit more like Meghan (and Miranda), I gave reformer pilates a go at BODYMINDLIFE. The studio, which has locations dotted around Sydney, recommends beginners start off with their Pilates Align classes, during which instructors will introduce you to the machine and go through movements slowly – the aim of pilates is to get the move right, not pace or weight.

Because I’m used to high-intensity workouts, such as HIIT and running, I found it took a while to get out of the mindset that you really have to be dripping with sweat to get a workout, but after leaving every class I felt leaner, longer and sore in muscles areas I didn’t even know existed. Plus, it’s so nice not having an instructor screaming at you over loud electronic music in a packed gym. 

After a bit of arm twisting and promising (with nothing but hope to go off) that he wouldn’t be the only male in the class, even my marathon running, soccer playing boyfriend was convinced to attend a class, texting me the next day to simply say, “okay. My abs are really sore.”

Around five classes in, I stepped it up to BODYMINDLIFE’s next level: Flow, which is when I really started to notice a difference in my body and started pushing myself more with the number of springs I used. One month later and it’s official: I’m a convert. I feel stronger, leaner and more toned, however, I definitely want to start incorporating a bit of cardio into my routine to ensure I’m well-rounded fitness wise. 

Meghan, I’m ready for that royal reformer class whenever you are.

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