PSA! Sarah Jessica Parker Is Launching A Very Fashionable Sauvignon Blanc

Cheers to that 🍷

While her Sex And The City alter ego Carrie Bradshaw preferred to sip on cosmos, Sarah Jessica Parker’s latest venture is paying homage to her love of wine. The multihyphenate, who already has successful shoe and fragrance empires under her belt has teamed up with New Zealand-based Invino wines for the second time. 

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the collaboration with Rob and Tim from Invivo,” explained SJP.

“Every part of the process from our initial conversations discussing wine styles, to the creative process on the brand and label design and of course, the Sauvignon Blanc blending session; it’s all been one exciting step after another. And a thrilling education in the business of winemaking, but more importantly, the love and passion behind Invivo.”

Sarah Jessica’s wine was perfected in May when the founders of Invivo, Tim Lightbourne and Rob Cameron, travelled to New York City for a private blending session with her to finalise the blend and taste of her new Sauvignon Blanc.

“While I’m new to winemaking, the Invivo fellows generously taught, showed and shared as much of the art and science of their business and hopefully I have absorbed some of their Kiwi confidence,” Sarah Jessica said

“I’m so looking forward to releasing my Invivo X, Sarah Jessica Parker Sauvignon Blanc in September and sharing our wine with the world! I feel very fortunate to have this opportunity offered by Rob and Tim.”

Parker’s collaboration with Invivo will launch in Summer 2019 with a focus on Sauvignon blanc and rosé wine. In spring 2020, a Rosé wine from the South of France will join the Sarah Jessica Parker wine collection. This will be a new vintage 2019 blend from grapes harvested this September.

Invivo X, Sarah Jessica Parker Sauvignon Blanc will retail for $25 and will be available at and BWS stores from September.

This article originally appeared on InStyle. 

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