There’s Now A Book That Gives SATC’s Miranda Hobbes The Credit She Deserves

A satirical self-help book full of life lessons from Sex and the City’s most underrated character

Are you a loyal Sex and the City fan, but always felt Miranda Hobbes was the true underappreciated hero in the group? Because Instagrammers turned book authors Chelsea Fairless and Lauren Garroni of Every Outfit on Sex & The City (@everyoutfitonsatc) do.

For years they’ve been building their campaign that #WeShouldAllBeMirandas, and now, they’ve released a book that is the ultimate bible for being your own Miranda.

We Should All Be Mirandas is a “satirical self-help book” full of “life lessons from Sex and the City’s most underrated character”.

“When Sex and the City premiered, many were hesitant to identify as the Miranda of their social circle – after all, sarcasm, workaholism, and dubious fashion choices are rarely considered aspirational,” reads the book’s synopsis. “However, in the two-plus decades since her television debut, our culture has finally caught up with this forward-thinking icon and all she represents. The truth is, Miranda Hobbes is the feminist hero that we deserve – we were all just too busy obsessing over Carrie’s corset tops to notice it at first.”

The book includes chapters on how to dress like a Miranda, love like a Miranda, work like a Miranda, f*ck like a Miranda and thrive like a Miranda, and offers advice like how to make Google Docs your bitch and embrace your bad hair days, as well as insights into a day in the life of a Miranda and famous Mirandas in history (including Hilary Clinton and Joan of Arc).

One of the highlights would have to be the quiz on ‘What kind of Miranda are you?’. Are you a Miranda with a Carrie rising (i.e. do you know what the right choice is but habitually make the wrong one anyway?)? Or a Miranda with a Samantha rising that is highly driven, self-sufficient and confident in your convictions? Perhaps you’re a Miranda with a Charlotte rising who is a stickler for the rules but not a pushover. Or maybe you’re a Miranda through and through – a Miranda with a Miranda rising is someone who is deeply opinionated, won’t put up with bullshit but has a knack for attracting bad luck more than most.

We Should All Be Mirandas - What Kind Of Miranda Are You? Quiz

*The* OG Miranda, Cynthia Nixon pre-ordered her copy weeks ago. And now, you can pick up your own copy. We Should All Be Mirandas (Hachette Australia) is available at most major book retailers in Australia for $29.99.

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