This New Site From An Ex-Depop Executive Is A Décor-Lover’s Dream   

From fashion to furniture.
Former Depop Exec Aria Wigneswaran On Bazaa, The Online Secondhand Furniture Marketplace For Designer Pieces

If you’ve ever visited your local market, you’ve likely witnessed an aesthete in their natural habitat, combing through vintage or secondhand stalls in search of that pièce de résistance. Preloved goods are officially in, particularly if the number of op shop hauls on TikTok is anything to go by. 

As well as the ever-growing circular economy, we have the pandemic lockdowns to thank for the secondhand resurgence. In a time when we were sequestered indoors and our clothes were reduced to loungewear sets and hooded blankets, we instead turned to interior decorating to express our individuality. 

It’s a period former Depop Director, Aria Wigneswaran, remembers all too well. She recalls wishing there was a way to comfortably shop unique preloved furniture from her couch. 

Wigneswaran explains, “As people spent more time indoors, it became undeniable how much our living spaces also started reflecting our style and personality.”

With several furniture retailers classified as ‘non-essential’, many budding interior decorators – like Wigneswaran – were forced to source their goods from online channels.

Wigneswaran explains, “Suddenly, there was this surge in demand for unique pieces that tell a story or add a special touch. I started thinking about how much amazing second-hand furniture is out there, without a reliable platform for resale in Australia.”

This led her to co-found Bazaa: an online platform for savvy shoppers to discover one-of-a-kind home pieces while contributing to a more sustainable future. As well as more affordable essentials, the site is home to an ever-expanding collection of bespoke and luxury secondhand furniture — leading its team to curate its first ‘Designer Collection’.

Through the platform, vintage lovers and conscious shoppers can search for coveted pieces, such as the Chieftan chair by Scandinavian designer Finn Juhl, mid-century dining chairs by iconic Aussie designer Gerald Easden, a leather sofa by Italian designer Vico Magistretti Regu and more. 

Wigneswaran says, “When I connected with my co-founder Thibault, our visions aligned. We understood it’s everyday people who drive change, and we could, much like Depop, help to transform the way people approach buying furniture.”

Bazaa’s platform is similar to its cousin Depop, with an easy-to-use interface, ensuring its entire process is smooth and safe for both sellers and buyers. All sellers are also carefully selected by the Bazaa team to ensure they offer a diverse range of aesthetics and, importantly, to guarantee quality and authenticity. You can trust that every piece listed on Bazaa has been tested against the site’s meticulous ‘curation guidelines’ to ensure it meets a certain standard (A.K.A doesn’t come from a fast furniture retailer).

“At its core, Bazaa is all about encouraging the mindset of buying second-hand before new, while creating a simplified process of buying and selling preloved items,” says Wigneswaran. 
You can start browsing Bazaa’s preloved furniture collections here.

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