Jason Oppenheim Explains “Fake” Phone Call On ‘Selling Sunset’ After Fans Poke Fun

You weren't the only one to notice the filming mishap.

It’s been almost two weeks since season five of Selling Sunset fed real estate and drama hungry fans.

In the reality TV show’s latest season, the Oppenheim Group saw the arrival of a new agent, Chelsea Lazkani, who is also a friend of the controversial Christine Quinn.

Not only that but season five also focused on Chrishell Stause and Jason Oppenheim’s blossoming relationship and Emma Hernan’s claims that she almost went on a coffee date with Ben Affleck through dating app, Raya.

But clearly, fans of Selling Sunset were quick to point out other season-making moments that brought on memes, laughter and left many questioning the legitimacy of the filming process. 

Going viral online, a tiny moment from the seventh episode of season five saw Jason making a phone call outside of the Oppenheim Group, which fans have deemed as “fake”.

Prompting the phone call, Chelsea told the real estate mogul that she had a buyer for one of the brokerage’s coveted properties, and he promised her a spot on their team if she closed the deal. Telling Jason about the impressive offer she’d received, Jason stepped outside to share the offer with his client, which was accepted and Chelsea was welcomed on board. 

But it was when Jason was making the phone call outside, that eagle-eyed fans noticed that the phone Jason held to his face had the camera app open, which left many questioning if the phone call was even real.

The moment went viral online with fans pointing out other moments where the Selling Sunset team looked as if they were faking other phone calls and even pretending to work. 

To clear up the confusion, Jason spoke with TMZ about the mix up. When approached on the street by reporters, he was asked if he had staged the phone call, to which he replied, “It wasn’t a fake phone call”.

Aware that the internet had run rampant with the speculation, Jason ensured fans that he was making a business call. In fact, reporters even asked him to participate in a “quick investigation” and challenged him to call someone and have his camera on, to see if both can be done at once.

“I’m sure it works because it was a phone call,” Jason bluntly reiterated.

Jason took out his mobile phone, called his assistant and opened the camera app at the same time, letting TMZ listen to the multiple ringing sounds coming from the device.

“It’s not that complicated. Of course, I know it was a real call. So I know this works. […] All I know is I was talking to the client,” he told the publication.

Of course, this isn’t the first time that Jason has been comically targeted by fans, with some proclaiming that we’ve never witnessed Jason sending a text message since he only uses voice messages.

As for whether Jason will be addressing the next speculation against him, he’ll have a chance to do so in the upcoming Selling Sunset reunion special.

Speaking of, Jason revealed he feels “apprehensive” about the reunion special as there’s a chance that he’ll need to openly discuss his breakup with Chrishell.

“That’s a difficult thing that I’m still working through,” he told Entertainment Tonight, adding that the breakup has left him “still a little rough”.

You can watch the Selling Sunset season five reunion special exclusively on Netflix on May 6, 2022 by logging in or signing up here

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