Sleep In? Science Says That Means You’re More Intelligent

Snooze button life

If you’re forever running late because you slept through your alarm (hands up who’s guilty of hitting snooze every five minutes for an hour?), or stayed up late bingeing on Netflix, good news: it’s just a sign you’re more intelligent.

A 2009 study, ‘Why Night Owls Are More Intelligent’, by researchers from the University of London, has resurfaced online, which puts forward the theory that choosing to sleep in by hitting the snooze button indicates higher intelligence. It shows you’re able to adapt to rapidly changing technology and are more in control of your decisions, rather than simply bowing to your body’s natural nocturnal inclinations. Or something.

marie claire US has unearthed a similar study that supports the theory: the University of Southampton analysed the correlation between sleeping patterns and socioeconomic circumstances in 1998, and found that people who went to bed after 11pm and rose after 8am earned higher wages and were happier overall.

Tell that to your boss on Monday morning.

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