Stop Right Now, We’re Getting A Spice Girls Reunion, And Yes, *With* Victoria Beckham

This time, it's for real.
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Ready to spice up your life? Well, Spice Girls fans can rest easy because there is word that the ’90s girl group is reuniting once more for a documentary.

After witnessing Posh Spice herself—otherwise known as Victoria Beckham—serenading her husband of 23 years, fans of the girl group have been teased with a hint of what they loved, and lost. Thankfully, there’s more from the band in store.

Back in 2019, the Spice Girls reunited for a tour around the United Kingdom, sadly sans Posh, and before that, the group even performed at the London Olympics. But thanks to the new documentary, this will be the first time that the entire group is together since 2012, that’s an entire decade.

Currently, the documentary is only in its beginning stages and is being made by the team that brought us Netflix’s Michael Jordan series, The Last Dance.

“The director and the whole concept of how that was shot and filmed is really, really, really good. So we’ll be doing our own version with them,” Mel B. said, according to Metro.

Spice Girls

She also gave some insight into what types of behind-the-scenes and never seen before clips will be headed our way, including a story that centered around her verse in their hit song “Wannabe”.

“The rap in the ‘Wannabe’ video, I actually wrote on the toilet while the other girls were doing the vocals,” she said, adding that the song has gained another life come 2022.

“My kids go, ‘Mummy, your music has come full circle,’ and I’m thinking, ‘Ooh, they’re going to compliment me.’ Then, I get told, ‘It’s come full circle because now you’re just vintage.'”

As for rest of the documentary, not many other details have been shared, but we have a feeling that something huge is on the horizon.

And given that it’s the 25th anniversary of their iconic film Spice World soon, fans have speculated that they may even headline the 2023 Glastonbury music festival.

Either way, we’re ready for Girl Power in which ever form that comes in.

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