The Most Romantic TV Proposals Of All Time


When we watch our favourite TV shows, it’s inevitable that we fall in love with its charactersfollowing their journey through romance (often subsequent heartbreak), as well as all the other trials and tribulations that life throws their way. And, just like we mourn the deaths of some of the all-time greatest television personalities, we feel their life’s biggest moments with just as much excitement as if it were happening to people we actually know. 

One of TV’s greatest plotlines? The epic, romantic, awe-inspiring proposals from the world’s most memorable couples. Below, we’ve rounded up the fictional proposals that still leave us weeping. 

Chuck and Blair, Gossip Girl 

Ah, Chuck and Blairwhere to even begin with this love story. While the New York power couple had a long on-again-off-again relationship throughout the entire series, it was the season finale that we got to see things finally playout for the two. And while it wasn’t necessarily the most romantic of proposals, it was perfect for the duo. Following on from Bart Bass’ (second) death, Uncle Jack suggests the two marry for “spousal privilege”, and in comes the most epic of Gossip Girl moments, and the one we waited close to a decade to see. 

Monica and Chandler, Friends

Even though it was a sitcom, Friends could make you ugly cry within a time frame as small as twenty minutes. One of its most tear-jerking moments came with Monica and Chandler’s marriage proposal. It’s a prime example of why the two were such a perfect matchwith Monica attempting to propose while Chandler butts in, only to have the two struggle through shared tears. Add in the iconic New York apartment filled with candles (and Phoebe, Ross, Rachel and Joey on the other side of the door) and you’ve got one of the most romantic television proposals of all time. 

Lorelai and Max, Gilmore Girls

While the early 2000s series was praised for its exploration of complicated mother-daughter relationships, Max and Lorelai’s romance also goes down as one of the most memorable. The moment starts with Max suggesting the two should get married, with Lorelai getting frustrated at the lack of “magic”. Then, who could forget the room full of a thousand yellow daisies, and Max proving an over-the-phone proposal could be just as romantic as the real thing. The marriage may not have went ahead, but the proposal still sticks in the minds of millions of Gilmore Girls fans. 

Meredith And Derek, Grey’s Anatomy 

When it comes to grand gestures, Grey’s Anatomy’s McDreamy takes the cake. The relationship between Meredith Grey and Derek Sheperd will go down as one of the most epic love stories ever—with a marriage that started as a one-night stand and seal with a Post-It note. When Derek decided to ask Meredith to marry him, he chose the perfect place: the hospital elevator, decorated with X-rays from the cases that helped him fall in love with her. 

Charlotte and Harry, Sex and the City

After her divorce from Trey, Charlotte meets Harry Goldenblatt, a man who seems the antithesis of all of the qualities she had decided her perfect man would have. Their romance remains the popular series most endearing. After Charlotte pushes Harry to marry her (and telling him “why a catch like her is bothering with a schlub like him”), the two eventually break up before reuniting at the synagogue for a singles mixer. This moment can still give us goosebumps and is exactly the romance we came to expect from the unlikely pair. 

Julie and Matt, Friday Night Lights 

From the get-go, Friday Night Lights was more than just football. And when star quarterback Matt left the coach’s daughter behind for Chicago, we weren’t sure the high-school sweethearts would ever work things out. Until, the moment he tells Julie he wants to be together forever dropping to one knee with his grandmother’s ring – and cue the tears. 

Lady Mary and Matthew, Downton Abbey

That kiss! That snow! The award for the most romantic Christmas proposal has to go to Lady Mary and Matthew. From their first meeting, all Downton Abbey fans were gripped by their passionate romance and despite broken hearts, secrets the separation of war, Mathew asks for Lady Mary’s hand in marriage, as gentle snowfall falls over them.

Carrie and Big, Sex and the City

While Carrie and Big’s romance on SATC was an emotional rollercoaster that we still haven’t quite recovered from, even we have to admit the way the proposal played out in the end couldn’t have been more perfect for the two. After an “all business no romance” proposal, a heartbreaking-almost wedding, and some time apart, the two characters meet again in the wardrobe he built for her in lieu of an engagement ring. Getting down on one knee, Big proposed with Carrie’s iconic Manolo Blahnik heels – a shoe that has rightfully so become synonymous with the character. 

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