Everything We Know About A Possible Second Season Of Netflix’s ‘The Chair’

Part two, please.

If you’re one of many Australians in lockdown right now, no doubt you’ve been recommended and subsequently binge-watched a multitude of television series. If that hasn’t included Netflix’s The Chair, consider this next on your list. 

The show, written by beloved actress Amanda Peet and creative genius Annie Wyman, merges the perfect amount of drama, comedy and a dose of topical issues relevant to modern society. 

If you haven’t heard of it already, allow us to catch you up—The Chair follows the story of Ji-Yoon Kim who is the first women and person of colour to be named the Chair of the English department at Pembroke University. 

In a relatable twist, the department is struggling to attract and enrol new students due to its stubborn faculty members who’ve been at the education establishment for years and refuse to adapt to the times.  

The six-part series has already garnered a fair amount of buzz, which suggests a renewal for season 2 seems inevitable. 

Here, we investigate everything to know around a possible second season. 

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What is The Chair about and what will happen in season 2?

Along with the trials and tribulations that come with her role as Pembroke University’s head of the English Department, Ji-Yoon Kim juggles her home and personal life in tandem. 

In the series’ six episodes, we see her tackle a PR scandal following a major mis-hap during one of the lecturers’ classes. The iconic professor, Bill Dobson, lost his wife a year prior and is hungover when the chaos ensues. 

Alongside that, Ji-Yoon is raising her adopted daughter Ju-Hee while also dealing with her difficult dad. 

From what the debut season of the show covered, there’s plenty of open doors to pursue in season 2’s narrative, namely Bill’s decision to get his job back. Will he manage it? We’ll (hopefully) find out… 

Will there be a season 2 of The Chair?

While there’s no word yet from Netflix as to whether The Chair has been renewed for a second season, there’s every chance it could happen. 

The first series dropped on the platform on August 20, so the streaming giant has barely had time to register the show’s success. That said, we’re sure it won’t be long till we know. Stay tuned. 

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Who is in the cast of The Chair? 

The formidable Sandra Oh helms the series  as Ji-Yoon Kim with her usual charm and conviction, while Jay Duplass plays the disgraced lecturer Bill. Everly Carganilla plays Ji-Yoon’s adopted daughter Ju-Hee, and Ji-yong Lee plays her dad, Habi. 

Where can you watch The Chair? 

The show is available to stream on Netflix here—with six 30 minute episodes, it’s the perfect easy-watch. 

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