Helena Bonham Carter Consulted The Late Princess Margaret Via Psychic For Her Role In ‘The Crown’

This is spooky!

Helena Bonham Carter doesn’t know which task is more daunting; portraying Princess Margaret or following in Vanessa Kirby’s footsteps. In preparation for her role on season three of The Crown Helena didn’t just spend time with Kirby, she also sought advice from a psychic medium. 

According to The Sun, “She always likes to research her roles with as much depth as possible—and is always prepared to go that extra mile,” a source told the tabloid.

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“So if that means using someone with supernatural powers to speak to a character who is now on the other side, then Helena has no problems with doing that.” We have to admit this next part is pretty hard to believe… Apparently, Bonham Carter has not only made contact with Princess Margaret, but the actress has also been “delighted” to with the “positive feedback from the late royal.” Margaret is also delighted with how her legacy has been portrayed.         

This isn’t the first time Helena has consulted spuernatural sources either – she has gone on the record about her eiree encounter with the late Elizabeth Taylor while doing press for the 2013 BBC special about the film icon. 

“I even asked a psychic—I’m completely wacko—who was actually de-ghosting our house,” Bonham Carter told IndieWire in 2013, confirming that she does indeed have a psychic on call, who is a friend of hers. “He’s good at moving people on because we’ve had some ghost issues in the house,” she continued. “I told him I was in a real dilemma about the role, and he came back with the answer, ‘Intellectually it makes no sense whatsoever, but emotionally it’s a nine out of 10.’”

Netflix is yet to announce the offical release date for The Crown season 3. In the meantime, catch up on everything we know so far about the all-new cast. 

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