The Duchess of Cambridge has a cafe dedicated to her in Melbourne


Calling all diehard Kate Middleton fans: you might not be able to take tea with the Duchess of Cambridge, but this has to be the next best thing.

Prahan-based café Middletown (!) is a bricks-and-mortar homage to everyone’s favourite royal, right down to the colour of the walls and pattern of the floor tiles.

The interior is fittingly sophisticated, with polished Carrara marble, glossy brass accents and, of course, lashings of navy.

“We decided to use royal navy as the dominant colour for the wall,” owner Randy Dhamanhuri told People. “When we think of Kate, the colour blue or navy always comes to mind.”

Melbourne’s ‘brunchery royale,’ according to its website, also boasts diamond-shaped terrazzo tiles positioned in the style of Westminster Abbey’s floors, plus an illustration of the Duchess of Cambridge’s sapphire engagement ring on the wall.

“It’s a subtle hint to show that Kate lives here, without putting her portrait,” Dhamanhuri says. Let’s hope he’s followed through with the theme by ensuring all his wait staff have amazing hair.

For the record, Middletown looks like it appeals to a wider audience than Kate Middleton obsessives alone – one look at its Instagram reveals delish (and social media friendly) dishes including coffee waffles with strawberries, truffle ice-cream and maple syrup, and chia seed pudding with fresh mango, macadamia, almond, coconut crumble and watermelon sorbet.

Next time Kate Middleton pays Melbourne a visit, we can only hope her royal publicist adds Middletown to the itinerary.

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