Everything We Know About The ‘The Talented Mr Ripley’ Reboot, ‘Ripley’

Move over Oliver Quick, Tom Ripley is back.

Patricia Highsmith’s psychological thriller novel, The Talented Mr Ripley, is getting a new iteration with Andrew Scott in the titular role.

The novel was also made into a—now-cult—film in the 1990s by Anthony Minghella’s with Matt Damon, Gwyneth Paltrow and Jude Law in the starring roles.

The Netflix reboot will see the story take the form of a TV series, titled Ripley.

Andrew Scott as Tom Ripley in the Netflix reboot (Credit: Netflix)

What Is The Plot Of Ripley?

Ripley follows the same plot as the first novel in Highsmith’s Ripley series and as the 1999 film. The official series log line reads, “Tom Ripley, a grifter scraping by in early 1960s New York [who] is hired by a wealthy man to travel to Italy to try to convince his vagabond son to return home. Tom’s acceptance of the job is the first step into a complex life of deceit, fraud and murder.”

Those who have read the novel, or seen the 1999 film adaptation will know that Ripley inserts himself into the life of Dickie Greenleaf and Marge Sherwood, becoming obsessed with the former in the process. Essentially, you can think of the story as the O.G Saltburn.

Matt Damon, Jude Law and Gwyneth Paltrow in the original ‘The Talented Mr Ripley’.

Who Is Starring In Ripley?

Netflix’s Ripley will star Fleabag’s Hot Priest, Andrew Scott in the titular role of Tom Ripley, with Johnny Flynn taking on the role of Dickie Greanleaf and Dakota Fanning playing Greanleaf’s girlfriend, Marge Sherwood.

Of playing the literary character, Scott has explained he’s being considered about his performance.

“There’ve been various iterations of the character, some of which I’ve seen and some of which I’ve avoided,” Scott explained to Interview Magazine in October 2021. “When you’re playing those famous literary characters, you don’t want to just copy.

“I’m interested in the idea of what queerness is, and otherness, because that’s what I think it’s about. The reason he’s such an interesting character is you can’t quite place him. If Tom Ripley was in a gay bar, I’m not sure that he would fit in there. Nor do I think he’s a straight character. I think he’s a queer character, in the sense that he’s very other. What’s his relationship with sex, or death, or with family or friends? It’s interesting that a character is the sum of the parts that you don’t have to play.”

Behind the camera will be Steven Zaillian, who has written and directed all eight episode of the drama. Zaillian is also responsible for the renowned The Night Of and Schindler’s List.

Is There A Ripley Trailer?

Yes, you can watch the trailer below.

When Will Ripley Be Released?

Ripley will come to Netflix on April 4th, 2024.

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