This Is The Date You’re Most Likely To Break Up

Break up season begins...

If you’ve ever wondered what Facebook did with the data behind relationship status updates, we have your answer: Facebook knows what date people in relationships are most likely to break up.

Yep, researchers actually used statistics from Facebook to study when people are most likely to change their status from ‘In A Relationship’ to ‘Single’, and it turns out that December 11 is dump day.

While Facebook relationship statuses might be a thing of the past, the brutal holiday season dumping is not. A more recent study from Flirtini dating app survey found that three quarters of online daters have experienced a break up during the Christmas season.

‘Four Holidays’ (Credit: Warner Bros. )

As for the reasons why, the main theory goes that it has something to do with Christmas fast approaching. Could it be that it’s the perfect date that’s not too close to Christmas for it to be cruel, and far enough away that you don’t have to give them a present? Plus you wouldn’t have to do the awkward family-introducing.

Perhaps the conversation around what you’re going to do for Christmas can make the relationship feel more serious than you’re ready for. 

In fact, Christmas day was one of the lowest days for breakups.

Christmas break ups
Christmastime can be filled with tension. (Credit: 20th Century Studios )

he other highest time of the year for breakups was in late March—what is it about breakups just before the holidays? Perhaps it’s the time to confront where you want your life to be going.

While no one wants to be broken up with just before Christmas, at least you know you’re not alone.

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