This mum’s post-baby body photo has one heartbreaking difference

“I don’t have love for my body. I am angry at it right now”

Every day, it seems another celebrity flaunts their ‘post-baby body’ for all and sundry – and the comments for how quickly they’ve bounced back flow in.

But now a woman has highlighted another kind of post-baby body – one we rarely talk about, and even less rarely see.

Missouri mother of one Jessica McCoy posted a photo of her stomach on Instagram last week, along with a caption detailing her heartbreaking story with the world.

Image via @habe_mccoy

“I am not okay with my body,” the 27-year-old writes. “I think I would’ve been okay if Evie was here, although she would’ve likely still been cooking inside me. The fact that I am bigger than I normally am and odn’t have my baby makes it harder.”

“Every day I get clothes on and they’re tight. And every day I’m reminded that I grew my baby for six months and she died.”

McCoy’s doctors discovered that her baby had spina bifida and a ’22 Q’ genetic defect when she was in her second trimester, prompting her to have an abortion.

“A whole host of things can be wrong and coupled with spina bifida, it’s even more severe,” McCoy, who has a young son, told ScaryMommy. “We decided this was the most loving thing to do as a mum, because I never wanted her to suffer.”

Heartbreakingly, McCoy followed her post with another depicting a photo of her while pregnant with her partner. “In contrast to my previous post, I don’t think I’ve ever felt more beautiful than when I was pregnant with my sweet Evie,” she writes.

She shared her advice to other women in her position with ScaryMommy, saying, “I know every day is a struggle, but I think that it’s important to recognise that and share it. I think it’s important to share your experiences.”

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