You Need This Dog Twitter Account in Your Life

It’s a cruel world that we live in, but at least there are puppies

It’s easy to see why this Twitter account has gone viral. WeRateDogs (@dog_rates) has racked up more than a million followers – thanks to the adorable photos of puppies that it regularly shares.

The account was created by 20-year-old student Matt Nelson from Campbell University in North Carolina. “I soon found out that any joke I made involving a dog was way better than it should have”, Nelson told Bustle.

The site originally featured user-submitted dog pictures and videos with funny captions that offer “professional and highly accurate dog ratings”.

But the site has really taken off since Nelson began focusing on dogs with cute but powerful political messages. 

Nelson continues, “With all the frightening things happening recently, many saw my account as a beacon of happiness surrounded by utter chaos.” The WeRateDogs account is being recognised for its powerful but peaceful form of protesting.

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