You Need To Visit These ‘House Of The Dragon’ Filming Locations

House Of The Dragon filming locations.HBO

With the second season of House Of The Dragon upon us, we’re back dreaming about magical worlds and dramatic landscapes.

While the Game of Thrones prequel might be set in a fictional world, the majority of it was filmed in our real one.

Below, find all of the House Of The Dragon filming locations.

Where Was ‘House Of The Dragon’ Filmed?

Gwynedd and Anglesey, Wales

House Of The Dragon Westeros Scenes
Many of the ‘House Of The Dragon’s’ scenes were filmed in Wales. (Credit: HBO)

Wales’s picturesque regions of Gwynedd and Anglesey were used for filming many of the Westeros scenes.

With dramatic mountains, mystical lakes and old ruins, these areas couldn’t be more suited to medieval Westeros.

In Gwynedd, Yr Eifl Quarry (also known as Trefor Quarry) serves as the backdrop to Dragonstone Castle, with Llanddwyn Beaches serving as the coastline around it.

Dinorwig Quarry was also used to film a battlefield scene.

It’s also known that the coastal Penmon Point was used as the backdrop for some Targaryen scenes, while cast members were also seen filming at Beaumaris Castle, Penmachno Roman Bridge in Conwy County and Porth y Cwch.

Castleton and Surrey, England

House Of The Dragon filming in Castleton
The village of Castleton served as the filming location for the Vale Of Arryn in the show. (Credit: Getty)

Many scenes were also filmed in England with the village of Castleton in Derbyshire being the real life setting of the Vale Of Arryn in the show.

In Castleton, scenes were filmed at Cave Dale, Market Place and Eldon Hill Quarry.

England’s picturesque Surry region was also used for filming, with Bourne Wood serving as a battle encampment in the show.

Granada and Cáceres, Spain

The House Of The Dragon was filmed in Spain.
Cáceres’s cobbled streets and old architecture served as King’s Landing in the show. (Credit: Getty)

While King’s Landing was famously filmed in Croatia’s Dubrovnik, House Of The Dragon decided to film these scenes in Spain.

Granada’s ancient La Calahorra Castle was used to film multiple night scenes while the cobbled streets and Moorish architecture of the ancient walled city of Plasencia in Cáceres is used for filming many of the other King’s Landing scenes.

Monsanto, Portugal

House Of The Dragon Portugal
Many Dragonstone scenes were filmed in Monsanto, Portugal.

Portugal’s historical hill town of Monstanto was used to film many of the Dragonstone scenes.

It’s red rooftops, green landscape and rocky hilltops provided the perfect setting for many of the Targaryen scenes.

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