The 20 Rarest Baby Names From The Past Year

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While we’re used to reporting on the most popular baby names (Asher and Olivia, here’s looking at you), a new, somewhat more eye-opening, list has just surfaced: the least popular monikers of the past 12 months.

Using data obtained from the Office of National Statistics, Mumsnet has identified the rarest boy and girl names in the UK right now. The below names (10 for girls and 10 for boys) were registered as little as three times last year, Harper’s Bazaar UK reports – but we have to say, some of them are very pretty (others, not so much…).

Without any further ado, the 10 least common girls’ names:

1/ Adalie

2/ Agape

3/ Birdie

4/ Noam

5/ Onyx

6/ Oracle

7/ Sonali

8/ Sondos

9/ Tiger

10/ Yvette

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And the 10 least common boys’ names:

1/ Ajax (we’re guessing/hoping this isn’t a cleaning product in the UK)
2/ Dougal

3/ Henderson

4/ Jools

5/ Marvellous

6/ Oakleigh

7/ Oswin

8/ Richmond

9/ Tadgh

10/ Thibault

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