Victoria Beckham’s Insanely Healthy Birthday Cake Looks Surprisingly Delicious

We use the term 'cake' loosely

Victoria Beckham turned 44 yesterday, and the Spice-Girl-turned-high-fashion-designer celebrated with the kind of cake that we would, to be frank, send back to the kitchen. Not because it doesn’t look delicious (it does), but because in no other household does this count as cake.

In the words of one marie claire staffer: it’s a fruit platter. A fruit platter cruelly masquerading as birthday cake. Behold:

Note to Victoria’s five-year-old daughter Harper, or whoever put this gluten-free, dairy-free, refined carbs-free monstrosity together: sticking a candle in does not a cake make.

Against all odds, Victoria appeared to have an enjoyable day anyway, posting the below photo with the Beckham brood:

At least now we know what it takes to look like Posh Spice.

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