Yes, That Luxe Retreat From ‘9 Perfect Strangers’ Is A Real Place You Can Visit In NSW

It's just as lush as in the series.

If you’re one of the many who have been bingeing 9 Perfect Strangers on Amazon Prime over the past week or so, you’re likely lusting after the idea of a (not unhinged) wellness retreat. Well, the great news is – Tranquillum House, the fictional health retreat from the Liane Moriarty book-based series, is actually a real-life place in Northern NSW.

Where Was 9 Perfect Strangers Filmed?

9 Perfect Strangers was filmed in Byron Bay, around eight hours north of Sydney, NSW. While the fictional location of Tranquillum House is actually in the United States, in a Californian town, filming took place here in Australia due to COVID-19. 

9 Perfect Strangers

Where Is The Real Tranquillum House?

The real Tranquillum House is, well, obviously not called Tranquillum House. It’s a wellness retreat formed by a renowned Vedic Meditation expert, Gary Gorrow, and businessman Peter Ostick. Together, they created Soma, a retreat tucked away in the Byron Bay Hinterland, just ten minutes outside of the township itself.


Set on a 22 acre forest, the property features that infinity pool used in the series, and yes – the yoga dome made famous by Nicole Kidman‘s character, Masha, is real, too. It’s tastefully decorated and looks like the perfect spot to unwind and rebalance.


Can You Stay At Soma Retreat?

Yes! The best news is that you can have your own (much more relaxing) Tranquillum House experience at Soma. If you’re flush with cash, you can actually rent the entire retreat, which would be a magnificent experience. If you’re just looking to book an escape after lockdown, there are multiple options.

9 Perfect Strangers

Soma II Meditate is a weekend study in vedic meditation, while Soma III Advance is a four day, three night immersion in the practice. Soma IV Redesign is the lengthiest stay, running from Wednesday through Sunday.

It will cost you, though. Prices start at $2,500 for a single at Soma II Meditate, but this does include activities, all meals and accommodation – plus access to things like the magnesium ice bath and infrared sauna. 

Brb, we’re booking our post-lockdown weekend.

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