Finally, We Have Proof That Women Are Better Drivers

The stats are in

Women have long held a reputation for being the lesser driver of the two sexes, but thanks to a new study, we can finally settle the debate once and for all.

According to a study that UK insurance comparison site conducted, women as a whole commit less driving offences, are more likely to abide by the law and are involved in fewer accidents. 

In fact, when it came to driving offences, men outnumbered women almost 4:1! Only 21% of women broke the law while driving compared to 79% of men. The most common offences for men were speeding (24%) and driving without insurance (17%).

Men have worse driving habits, too. Almost one in four (23%) male motorists admit to not indicating when switching lanes, compared to more than one in six (17%) women. Men are also more likely to tailgate another driver. 

Regarding insurance claims, men are almost twice as likely to make a car insurance claim than women, and are more likely to be at fault.

All in all, men cost insurers more when they make a claim and are calling it: Women are better drivers than men.’s findings are based on an analysis of insurance, crime and driving test statistics.

There were a few categories where men outperformed women. More men pass their driving test on the first go compared to women, and women are more likely to eat while driving (48% vs. 47%), and drive in bare feet (12% vs. 6%) – but we all know that’s just because it’s safer than driving in heels!

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