Who Is Barry Keoghan’s Ex, Alyson Sandro?

This is what we know about the mother of his child.
Barry Keoghan and his ex, Alyson Sandro.Getty

Barry Keoghan and Sabrina Carpenter are the couple of the moment. From snapping cute pictures during awards season to Keoghan’s appearance in Carpenter’s latest music video, ‘Please, Please, Please’ the couple are happy sharing their relationship with the world.

But before Sabrina, there was AlysonKeoghan’s ex long-term girlfriend of three years and the mother of his child.

While the couple didn’t seem to part on bad terms, the internet has become obsessed with finding out what Keoghan’s ex-girlfriend thinks about his new high-profile relationship.

Below, we share everything we know about Alyson and her relationship with Saltburn star, Barry Keoghan.

Who Is Alyson Sandro?

Who Is Alyson Sandro?
(Credit: Instagram)

Alyson Sandro is Keoghan’s former girlfriend. Working as a dentist and orthopedic therapist, she comes from Scotland and has described herself as a ‘Scottish, independent woman” to GQ.

After Saltburn’s filming wrapped up, the former couple was planning to move back to Scotland to be closer to Alyson’s family.

“Wherever Alyson or my boy is… That’s home for me now,” Keoghan told GQ.

Alyson is also a mother to Keoghan’s son Brando, who is named after actor Marlon Brando.

Brando is almost two years old and last year, Alyson wrote an Instagram caption about her love for their son.

“1 year ago today I became a mother to the most perfect little human,” Alyson wrote next to a photo of her son on his 1st birthday.

“I am the luckiest to wake up to your smile every morning, you make my day starting at 5am when you start dancing, then poking and slapping my face❤️ I can’t wait to watch you grow every single day.”

Why Did Barry Keoghan And Alyson Sandro Break Up?

Alyson Sandro and Barry Keoghan's baby.
(Credit: Instagram)

The former couple dated for almost three years before their break up in 2023.

According to Keoghan, the couple met at a pub, where Alyson “didn’t care” that he was an actor.

“He was saying he plays a superhero in a film. I went, ‘Who, Spider-Man?’” Alyson told the publication.

During their time together, the couple attended many high profile events with Alyson joining Keoghan at the Oscars in 2023 and a screening of the Eternals in 2021.

The reason the pair split is still unclear, however sources have caimed that it was Keoghan’s “partying and late nights” that caused arguments between the couple.

“They’ve grown apart over recent months, and things have finally come to a head,” the source told the Sun at the time.

Are Barry Keoghan and Alyson Sandro On Good Terms?

Following the couple’s split, Keoghan praised Alyson to GQ, stating that she’s a “She’s done a great job and she’s an incredible mother.”

However, since Keoghan’s relationship with Sabrina Carpenter has gone viral, there seems to be a little more tension between the ex couple.

Most recently, Alyson liked a comment that read “”More appreciation for mothers raising their kids practically by themselves. My mom was my hero!!! You’re already his hero too.”

She also liked a comment that read “amazing and inspiring mama doing it all herself.”

While these comments do indicate anything problematic between the former couple, we’re still hoping Keoghan is doing his fair share of the childcaring.

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