The Best Reactions To The Bachelorette’s Hometowns Episode

"I’m really missing my favourite, perfectly dressed Britt right now"

Somehow we’re already at the stage of The Bachelorette where Angie Kent gets to meet the family of her final four men: Jackson, Timm, Ryan and Carli with no sign of a surprise return from everyone’s favourite Britt, Ciarran.

From Ryan expressing his love with the phrase, “I’m deadset on you, hey” to Carlin’s pursuit of an acting career being revealed – leaving both him and Angie in tears – and Jackson’s family convinced Angie just wants a slice of their pie (sorry), the night was interesting to say the least. But one thing almost everyone can agree on is that there’s no clear winner of the bunch. Will Angie do a Honey Badger?!

Below, all the best tweets of the night.


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