Who Is Cameron Norrie’s Girlfriend, Louise Jacobi?

The couple have been dating for four years.
Cameron Norrie wife.Getty

If you’re wondering whether star British tennis player Cameron Norrie, has a girlfriend, the answer is yes—meet Louise Jacobi.

Jacobi has been spotted in the stands at Wimbledon 2024, where she has been supporting her tennis star boyfriend.

But what does Jacobi’s life look like away from the tennis world? Keep reading to find out.

Who Is Louise Jacobi?

Louise Jacobi, girlfriend of Cameron Norris.
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Louise Jacobi is a 26-year-old textile designer from New York City.

She studied a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of Michigan before moving to London to complete her studies at the Textile and Fashion Design at Central St Martin’s.

The American designer works for design studio Please Don’t Touch and is also the founder of homeware and fashion accessory shop, Studio Virgo.

How Long Have Cameron Norrie and Louise Jacobi Been Together?

Cameron Norrie and Louise Jacobi have been together for around four years.

The couple were introduced by mutual friends at a New York City bar in 2019.

Jacobi has previously explained that Norrie then invited her to watch him play at the Vienna Open.

As she’d just lost her job, she didn’t have any reason to say no.

“When he asked me, I thought, ‘I guess this guy doesn’t live a normal life, and it’s not like I can meet (him) down the street and go to dinner together,'” she told HELLO!. “So I went on this trip and was only supposed to be in Vienna for five days, and things just went really well… In some weird way, I was like, ‘Thank God I got laid off when I did’ because we were able to build the foundation of our relationship before Covid hit.”

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